For Immune Health.

Use as preventative medicine with 1 spoonful or shot a day.

Use to aid the immune system while sick with a spoonful as needed.


Make your own fresh elderberry syrup.

Makes 12 oz of fresh elderberry syrup. 

Great to have the kit on hand and then make for the whole family when someone falls sick.


Keeps in fridge for apoximatly 2 weeks.

Fresh elderberry syrup is ideal for children, as it does not have alcholol, which we use in our elderberry syrup that gives it a shelf life of 1 year.



INCLUDED: Everything you need to make your own Elderberry syrup

  • Herbal Blend:  organic Elderberries, organic Cinnamon, organic Ginger.
  • Recipee to make your own elderberry syrup
  • 12 oz jar of Raw Texas Honey from our hives (only 8oz is needed for the recipee, so 4 aditional oz will be for you to enjoy any way you wish)


DIY Elderberry Syrup Kit