Hand dipped layer by layer with care 100% beeswax tapper candles.

Hand dipped tapper candles burn longer, with greater integrity and less drip than tappers formed by pouring into molds. 


Small (~7” Candles) - Burn ~6 hours, aprox.

Tall(10" Canldes) - Burn ~9 hours, aprox.


1 Pair= 2 Candles Total

1/2 Dozen = 6 Candles Total

1 Dozen = 12 Candles Total


Crafted by the sacred honeybee, beeswax burns cleaner and brighter emitting a sweet honey scent. When burning beeswax candles they emit negative ions that clean and purify the air. As the negative ions cling to the positive ions that hold dust, dander, molds, and odors it weighs them down and causes them to drop to the ground leaving the air clean and purified. -Always light your candles on a saucer or surface which it can drip on such as a ceramic, brass, or wooden dish. -To avoid wax drip place candle in a breeze/draft free location

Hand Dipped Tapper Candles - 100% Beeswax