Formulated to support your immune, respiratory & nervous system to keep you well during these times.


Daily herbal tonic. 

Add 1 tbsp of syrup to a cup of water, drinking 1-2 times per day for prevention, every 1-2 hours if sick or beginning to feel sick. Half that amount for children. 


Refrigerate. Shake well. Use within a year.


Never give raw honey to babies under one year old. Some sources contraindicate juniper for pregnancy.


Ingredients: RO filtered water, raw honey, Astragalus+, Mullen*, Yarrow*, Plantain^, Lemon Basil*, Holy Basil*, Marshmallow root+, Licorice+, Ginger+, Cinnamon+, Evening Primrose^, Loquat leaf*, Sage*, Oregano*, Thyme*, Lemon Balm*, Juniper Berries^, Borage* & herbal extract of mullen^, ginger root+, Elecampane root+, 


+Organic & sustainably farmed

*Home grown using organic methods

^Sustainably Wild Harvested

Lung Support Herbal syrup