Hand dipped layer by layer with care

100% beeswax tapper candles rolled with intention in home grown and/or organic herbs


1 pair of hand dipped beeswax candles rolled in a blend of herbs


These Candles are intended for ritual and to have your full attention.  The Herbs on the candles are flamable and create a larger flame than your average candle and should NEVER be left unattended.


Lunar guidance- a blend of feminine moon centric herbs.  Perfect for full moon ceremonies.

~Mugwort, Lavender, Yarrow, Thyme, Rose,  &  Elderflower


Calm - Carrying the sweet calming aroma and energy of lavender flower.


Abundance - Cinnaomn and Bay leaf to call abundance & wealth into your life


Crafted by the sacred honeybee, beeswax burns cleaner and brighter emitting a sweet honey scent.

When burning beeswax candles they emit negative ions that clean and purify the air. As the negative ions cling to the positive ions that hold dust, dander, molds, and odors it weighs them down and causes them to drop to the ground leaving the air clean and purified. 


-Always light your candles on a saucer or surface which it can drip on such as a ceramic, brass, or wooden dish.

-Never leave a burning candle unattended ** especially one with herbs that can be flamable

Herbal Ritual Candles - Hand Dipped Tapper