Relax & Dream

-This blend of herbs helps to relax the nervous system and mind to create a deep sleep, while mugwort works with bringing vivid dreams.

-Mugwort herbs where organically home-grown

all other herbs are freshly dried, organic & sustainably farmed in the US


~Mugwort is known for their elder energy and offering protection and guidance. A plant that dates back in its use further than written history. Used to invoke vivid dreams and bring to life our waking dreams.~


Elixir -

Herbal alcohol extract of Chamomile, Lavender, Mugwort (Artemisia absinthium & Artemisia ludoviviana) & California Poppy

blended with raw Texas honey to taste.

~Take 1-5 drop in a glass of water before sleep


Mugwort Dreams Elixr 2 oz