About Us

Buzz In The Hills is a small family business that sprouted from Lexi and Cody Hughes’ shared passion for the honeybee. Founded in 2018, the company embodies Lexi's deep calling to harness the medicine the honeybees and plants offer to craft healthy alternatives to conventional candles, skincare, and wellness products.

Cody has diligently tended to bees every season since 2015 when he embarked on a multi-year apprenticeship during college. This journey equipped him with invaluable knowledge, enabling him to support landowners and novice beekeepers on their beekeeping ventures. Cody now provides personalized 1-on-1 mentorship and oversees multiple apiaries throughout the hill country, including our own, where we harvest seasonally available honey.

Lexi is the creative force behind all of Buzz In The Hills' products. Her background in horticulture, her hands-on experience in beekeeping, and her studies of herbalism have led her to a deep relationship with the plants and the honeybee.  This relationship has inspired Lexi to collaborate with the natural wonders offered by these beings, resulting in the creation of premium beeswax candles, herbal skincare, and wellness products.  She remains steadfast in her commitment to sourcing only the purest and most sustainable ingredients.  When Lexi isn't busy crafting and formulating, you can find her tending to the garden and managing the many facets of the behind-the-scenes of Buzz In The Hills.