From the Earth, Quality Goods, Hand Crafted with Traditional Ancient Wisdom, for Modern World Living.

We are passionate about bringing high quality beeswax and herbal goods to our community. We believe that mother earth offers all that we need when we live in right relationship with her. We striving to keep our products pure, choosing only the highest quality natural ingredients available. Our products are crafted using traditional ancient techniques and wisdom, to support us in living a life close to the earth in this modern world. Giving back to mama earth is always a priority when choosing low waste/ plastic-free packaging and sourcing from organic regenerative farmers.

Buzz In The Hills is a micro-small family business run out of a spare room of our home primarily by lexi herself with a bit of help from Cody and friends. Lexi and Cody Hughes founded Buzz together in 2018, inspired by their relationship with the honeybee and plants. Cody supporting land owners in setting up and caring for apiaries (work he still does today on land throughout the TX hill country and blackland prairie), and lexi crafting from the wondrous creations of the honeybees they worked with and the plants she was building relationship with.

Lexi began in the kitchen, working with incredibly small batches from the beeswax harvested from the hives we worked with, and plants grown and harvested with love from our garden, or carefully wild harvested from land we are in relationship with. Though we have outgrown what our bees and garden alone can provide, we still strive to work with ingredients of just as high quality. Our beeswax is rich and fragrant and always sourced from US beekeepers. We pride ourselves in the quality of the herbs we work with. Many of the herbs in our products are still to this day grown or wild harvested ourselves with care, while all other herbs are sourced as local as possible, and always organic. We love working with small US organic herb farms and are certain you too will appreciate the higher quality and medicinal potency they offer.

Lexi Hughes

Owner, Herbalist & Chandler

Hi, I am Lexi, the maker and soul behind Buzz In The Hills.  Through my creation of natural and practical home, body and wellness products, I consider myself a bridge to connect human beings with the potent medicine that is offered with delight by the plants and honeybees.  All my creations are inspired by my own needs for self care products to support me in my own journey to live a more healthy and wholesome life aligned with the natural world we are all a part of, and my hope is that what I offer here can support you as well.

My path as an herbalist and bee guardian began in college where I studied horticulture business at Texas State University. It was there that I was introduced to the art of beekeeping, began my relationship with the plants and developed a deep fascination with the medicine the plants carry. I have since continued to seek education in the natural world and wellness through continued education. Primarily through Sacred Journey School of Herbalism in Austin Texas, I have dedicated 250 + Hours to the study of herbalism, fostering a deeply intimate relationship with the plants along with practical, scientific wisdom of the medicine they offer and how to work with it. My work is also deeply informed by my studies of yoga with Blue Cypress School of Holism and holistic postpartum doula care through Nest and Bowl.

I am honored that you have found me and my work here. Through the work that I do, I hope that I can be of service to you in developing a deeper relationship with the natural world and living a healthier life.