Where to Find Buzz In The Hills Beeswax Candles & Herbals in Local Brick & Mortar Stores

A selection of our goods can be found at these wonderful Local Texas Shops

~ Cornucopia, San Marcos TX

~ Jade Seed Wellness, San Marcos TX

~ Cosmic Plant Co., New Braunfels TX

~ The Herb Bar, Austin TX

~ Earth Commons, Austin Texas

~ Sanctuary Holistic Kitchen, Georgetown TX

~Two Hives Honey, Manor TX


Meet The Maker - Lexi

I have always been a creative in different ways throughout my life, but discovered my calling to work with the natural world during my studies at Texas State University where I studied agriculture business and horticulture.  The most valuable wisdom collected during those collage years was the subtle skill of being in relationship with the plants and the art of tending to honeybees.  Beyond collage, I deepened my journey with medicinal plants with a total of 225 hours of herbal training from other regional herbalist starting back in 2015.

Buzz was created out of a deep desire to explore crafting with the elements of botanicals and beeswax, to find natural alternatives for myself, and to share healing creations with my community.  I think of myself as a middle-woman of sorts, connecting people with the medicine the plants and honeybee want to share with us all.